Website Promotion

by Satinder Kaur on Wednesday, September 28th 2011
Website promotion is the very interesting topic now a days and this is very easy to learn. Every one wants to see their website at the top position in any search engine and this can be done by promoting your website only. We’ll begin with the assumption that your site is brand new and that you haven’t done any website promotion work yet. However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t help you if you have submitted to a few search engines or registered your site with a couple of directories. Promoting your site takes a lot of time and may involve waiting several weeks or even months to get into certain directories and search engines.
So it is very slow process for which you have to wait to get effective result. You should start your website promotion efforts by listing your site at the most popular Internet directories. Because they can send you substantial amounts of traffic and affect your ranking in various search engines, it is wise to make sure that your site is present in all of the major directories before doing anything else.

Submitting to directories is easy and doesn’t require much effort. It’s ensuring that your submission will be accepted that makes this task a hard one.

Start with the Open Directory Project. While your site has to offer good, unique content to be accepted to the ODP, its editors usually review sites quickly and won’t reject them without a good reason for doing so. This, along with the fact that submitting to the ODP is free of charge, makes it a perfect starting point.

After securing a listing at ODP, your next task is to get the folks at Yahoo to notice that your site exists and is worth a place in their directory. This might cost you a fair amount of money if you are running a commercial site, but is usually worth it. Non-commercial sites can get in for free, but might require several submissions and a lot of patience before they are accepted.
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