Static Web Design

A static website is the simplest way of showcasing your products, services and information in an effective manner. To put it in a very objective manner, it is a very cost effective way of advertising your products online. It needs to be understood that this kind of website is quite suitable in the cases where there is no need to update the products or services. But, yes these are ideal for downloading images, brochures etc. In a nutshell these websites are quite browser friendly and easy to navigate.
In terms of the technology used in designing the websites; the technological input that needs to be put in a static website is quite simple. In general such a website is created by using minimum script and HTML coding.
We take a comprehensive approach in designing a website of static nature. It involves getting a grasp of the requirements of the client, analyzing over all the possible options and then designing the most appropriate lay out. It results in a website in which the applications portray the business logic.

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