Hotel Software

Real-time Inventory Control (Room)
Room Availability or unavailability status will show on real time of the booking. Automatic mail sent to the customer regarding the details of the confirmation of his/ her reservation.

Online Room Booking Facility
Customer can book available room online from anywhere in the world.

Accounting Module
Bank transactions, Ledgers, Different, Comprehensive Accounts Module to handle Cash, Accounts Statements etc.

Complete Control over Dynamic Parameters
Full Control over Masters to use repeating values. E.g. City, Occupation, Unit etc.

KOT Generation
Against each order in restaurant, KOT is generated. Stock is automatically updated once KOT is generated.

Bill Generation (room wise)
In Restaurants, bill can be generated by Room also. If a guest stays in a Hotel, he can suggest posting his Restaurant Bill on his room.

Control Over Wastage
Wastage of items will be taken care of.

Banquet Management
Complete Banquet management module to manage Booking, Menu, Pricing, Calendar, Banquet, etc.

Secured Environment
Restricted entry – whether offline/online will be secured by User-ID and Password.

Payment Gateway Integration
Payment gateway will be integrated with the website for online room booking facility. You will need to provide us the API for integration purposes else we can assist you in getting the payment gateway also.

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